Masterplan for Dubai presented

The masterplan for Paramount Xeritown, a 60 hectares site in Dubai, was officially presented at the international property investment and development exhibition Cityscape in Abu Dhabi. The sustainable mixed-use development is planed for 7000 inhabitants.


Paramount Xeritown – Dubai

Paramount Xeritown is located in Dubailand, a new extension of the city towards the inland desert. In the design, the built up area has been compressed to occupy only fifty percent of the site as a reaction to the sun condition, to achieve a compact and shaded fabric. Its structure is defined by alternating narrow pedestrian alleys and small squares, typical of Arabic towns. This urban tissue is divided in elongated islands that are orientated so to gain from the prevailing winds crossing the site. The cool breeze from the sea is channelled between the islands and through the longitudinal cuts in the urban fabric, while the hot wind from the desert is deviated above the development.


Credits: SMAQ – architecture urbanism research (Berlin): Sabine Müller and Andreas Quednau with Joachim Schultz; Team: Therese Granberg, Ludovica Rogers, Felipe Flores, Kathrin Löer, Valle Medina, Martino Sacchi; in collaboration with X-Architects (Dubai); Johannes Grothaus Landscape Architects (Potsdam), Reflexion (Zurich), and BuroHappold (London); Developer: Dubai Properties.




For more information please visit:
Cityscape Abu Dhabi