Under Construction / Apartment Building Agnes-Hundoegger-Weg / Hannover, Germany

Construction for the apartment building at Alte Döhrener Straße / Agnes-Hundoegger-Weg in Hannover, Germany has started. In direct proximity to the lake Maschsee 63 apartments will be realized in a mix of condominiums and rental apartments.

The design implements the result of a national competition for architects with ten participating offices. It consists of a group of four-storey point houses, which are offset to one another and partly interlocked. In the free-standing residential building in the south-west of the approximately 1,300 m² large property are 12 condominiums. To the northwest, there are three further residential buildings, which are connected to each other by corner, and occupy a total of 51 rental apartments.

Special features of the buildings are the plastically designed facades made of concise, red clinker. They are arranged in a uniform, one-storey high grid. The cassette-like fields, which are formed from this grid, adorn decorating ornamental architecture with rhythmically offset clinkers as well as the glass and window elements.

Floor-to-ceiling windows as well as balconies and loggias characterize the character of the residential complex in the external appearance. The building complex is built in massive construction as an KfW-55 efficiency house with an extensive green roof. The residential complex has a continuous basement, in which there is room for bicycles as well as for car parking spaces and cellar rooms. All floors – from the basement to the 3rd floor – are connected by elevators.


Apartment Building Agnes-Hundoegger-Weg, Hannover, Germany