Ueberseeinsel – Bremen, Germany

The peninsular Ueberseeinsel with the former production site of Kellogg is located between the river Weser and the harbor. It is of great importance for the development of the westside of Bremen and the so called Ueberseestadt. Because of its great location and the historic building substance it can be developed as water-orientated new city quarter with high living quality and open spaces for the city as a whole.

The former production site of Kellogg is structured in clearly identifiable mixed-used quarters, each with a direct connection to the river Weser. At the same time each quarter is contributing to the city-wide river promenade.

A square-like entry plaza is proposed, central in the former production site, at the street Hansator. In direct proximity the former Kellogg silo and an industrial hall shall be preserved and transformed to a hotel and street food market. As landmarks the are marking the emotional site of the area and recall the industrial past; complemented by the ferryboat stop “Kellogg-Kaje” it can be developed as a touristic destination.



Internationally invited multiple commissioning
Client: City of Bremen, Kellogg Manufacturing GmbH & Co. KG, wpd AG
Programm:  approx. 1.400 housing units, approx. 90.000 m2 commercial, school, kindergardens
Site area: approx. 19 ha
Team SMAQ: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Julia Streletzki, Ksenia Chernobrovtseva, Marina Rondini
with Man Made Land

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