Machine House & Boiler House – Bremen, Germany

Since Kellogg stopped production in Bremen, the new city quarter Überseeinsel is in development at the former production site between the river Weser and the former harbour Europahafen. Due to its location on the banks of the river Weser, the former boiler house and machine house of the Kellogg production site will continue to form together with the Flakes Factory the silhouette of the new city quarter communicating its industrial history with new public uses, the energy plant for the new quarter as well as loft living.

The basic attitude towards the conversion of the former production building is appreciation of the diverse qualities and possibilities of the existing structure as well as its emotional significance for the locals. The structural substance is preserved as found as far as possible and transferred from there to a future with new spatial possibilities.


Client: Überseeinsel GmbH, Bremen

Team SMAQ: Andreas Quednau, Sabine Müller, Loránd Mittay, Anton Leibham, Marie Jacobsen, Valentin Lepley-Schuhmann, Sebastian Pitoni
in collaboration with Man Made Land (landscape), OP Engineers (structural engineering), Hansa-Planung (building systems).

architecture, selected projects, sustainability, projects