misc.Z – Krems, Austria

misc.Z intensifies an existing mixed used area at the periphery of the city Krems inAustria. Existing green areas and fallow lands are the starting point of the intervention. They will be connected and planted with willow avenues and thus form a filigree network that leads the inhabitants into the meadow landscape. Living quarters develop along this system of walkways according to a strict logic of use. Each housing unit is organized along a backbone, an elevator, a stair, or a simple hallway, which connects views of the outdoors with the act of going outdoors. Businesses, on the other hand, can develop freely along the main roads. These different orientations allow the programs – ones are usually perceived as incompatible – to create independent micro-neighbourhoods. Activity is present throughout the day due to this loose coexistence.


International Competition Europan 7, 2003: 2nd Prize
Client: City of Krems
Program: 300 apartments, retail, offices, public green
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau

architecture, Projects, urbanism, competitions