Heinze ArchitectureAWARD 2022


Prize / Living at the River / Stuttgart, Germany

Under the motto “The Neckar as a living space”, one goal of the International Building Exhibition IBA’27 StadtRegion Stuttgart is that Stuttgart grows up to the picturesque and productive reality of the Neckar River. In the framework of the internationally invited competition for an urban, creative and residential building block at the mouth of the [more]


German Architecture Award 2021

SMAQ receives the German Architecture Prize 2021 for the housing project “Living Together” implemented on behalf of Theo Gerlach housing company in Hanover (Germany). The state prize is awarded every two years for outstanding architectural achievements and is the most important award for architects in Germany.   State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the [more]


Prize / Holstenstrasse / Kiel, Germany

The central public open spaces in downtown Kiel are to be redesigned over the next few years. The city center is to become an urban and attractive urban space in the future. The competition entry by SMAQ and WES LandschaftsArchitektur for the redesign of one of the first pedestrian zones in Germany, with its sequence [more]


German Brick Award 2021


State Award for Architecture / Living – forward-looking, climate-friendly

Together with the client, Wohnungsbau-Unternehmen, SMAQ was awarded the State Prize for Architecture Lower Saxony 2020 for the project “New Living on Alte Döhrener Strasse, Hanover”. The jury, headed by the Augsburg architect Titus Bernhard, emphasized that the playful arrangement of the four point buildings had created an attractive residential area in Hanover’s southern part [more]


Exhibition / Unfinished Metropolis / Berlin

The vision for an ecological and social future of the metropolitan city-region Berlin-Brandenburg formulated by SMAQ in collaboration with Kopperroth, Alex Wall, Office MMK and Stefan Tischer Landschaftsarchitektur awarded in the framework of the international urban idea competition “Berlin-Brandenburg 2070“ is on show in the framework of the exhibition „Unifinished Metropolis“ at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. [more]


Exhibition / urbainable – stadthaltig / Berlin

SMAQ’s projects for the Überseeinsel in Bremen are presented in the group exhibition “urbainable – stadthaltig. Positions on the European City for the 21st Century“ at the Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) in Berlin.   The exhibition “urbainable – stadthaltig” examines the role of the European city in the age of global warming, digitisation, [more]


Prize / Berlin-Brandenburg 2070


DAM Preis 2021 Nominiert | DAM AWARD 2021- nominated

DAM Award for Architecture 2021


Recommendation / Dragoner Barracks / Berlin

The former Dragoner Barracks in Berlin Kreuzberg and adjoining areas are to be developed on the basis of the urban design by SMAQ with Man Made Land and Barbara Schindler. In the past five months, three planning teams had developed urban designs in an open workshop process with citizen participation. The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will [more]


Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 / Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth

We are delighted that our book project “Charter of Dubai” is part of the exhibition “The Library” in the framework of Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019: “Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth“ at Oslo’s National Museum. Our “Charter of Dubai” will be exhibited there under theme “Commoning on the Obsolete“.


International Bauforum 2019 / Hamburg

SMAQ is delighted to be one of the participating offices in the International Bauforum 2019. For the period August 19th to 24th, 2019 the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg will be transformed into a design workshop for the future of the boulevards of Hamburg. The invited international, national and local architects will develop ideas for seven selected boulevards of Hamburg.


1st Rank / Postal Service Site / Kiel, Germany

In the framework of a two-phased multiple urban design commission for the inner city site and former location of the postal service in Kiel (Germany) the urban design proposal for mixed-use urban city quarter for multiple forms of living and target groups by SMAQ (architecture and urban design) and Anna Lundqvist (landscape architecture) reached after [more]


Lecture / Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Lecture by Sabine Müller in the framework of the lecture series “Denkanstoesse 2019” organized by the Association of German master-builders, architects and engineers BDB at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany.


Prize / Central Library of the Future zb+ / Mönchengladbach, Germany

In the open competition for the Central Library of the Future zb+ in Mönchengladbach, Germany the contribution by SMAQ was awarded with the 3rd prize.     Open competition, 3rd prize Client: City of Mönchengladbach, Gebäudemanagement Mönchengladbach. Team SMAQ: Sabine Müller und Andreas Quednau with Sofie Vaasen, Marina Rondini, Julia Streletzki, Daniel Gross, Martin Tosterud, [more]


Prize / Intergenerational Centre / Neubrandenburg, Germany

The intergenerational centre is to become a meeting place for young and old in Neubrandenburg, Germany. It  therefore offers a wide range of uses from flats to a day nursery to outpatient and inpatient care places as well as service providers. In the international competition SMAQ’s architectural design was awarded the second prize.


Lecture / The City as second Nature / University Heidelberg / IBA Heidelberg

The juxtaposition of nature and culture has been in a process of dissolution for a long time. Man, as the determining factor, has interfered with geological and biochemical processes to the extent that the globe has become a human system with embedded ecosystems. With that, the relationship of natural and human-made environments has fundamentally changed. [more]


Recommendation / Ueberseeinsel / Bremen, Germany

At the urban planning expertise proceedings in Bremen (Germany) for a peninsular in the former harbor area of Bremen and in close proximity to the historic city center the proposal by SMAQ with Man Made Land has been recommended by the top panel of experts as the basis for further processing to the development of [more]


Lecture / KU Leuven

In her lecture “Design Speculations on the Open City” Sabine Müller will present example from her office SMAQ (Berlin). The lecture is part of the spring 2017 lecture series hosted by the Master of Architecture and Human Settlements (MaHS) and the Master of Urbanism and Strategic Planning (MaUSP) at the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven.


Book Launch / Oslo School of Architecture und Design

Our new book „Giraffes, Telegraphes and Hero of Alexandria – Urban Design by Narration“ will be lauched at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.


Under Construction / Apartment Building Agnes-Hundoegger-Weg / Hannover, Germany

Construction for the apartment building at Alte Döhrener Straße / Agnes-Hundoegger-Weg in Hannover, Germany has started.


New Release! / Giraffes, Telegraphs, and Hero of Alexandria – Urban Design by Narration

In this book, stories portray the production of our built environment, guided by three characters: Giraffes, Telegraphs, and Hero of Alexandria. Having developed its long neck to reach the leaves of high trees, the giraffe represents the vernacular approach to architecture, in which construction follows forces of nature. The telegraph, in contrast, embodies the modernist [more]


Inner Infrastructure completed / Hellwinkel Terraces / Wolfsburg, Germany

The construction of the new urban quarter will take place in two construction phases. The clearing of the allotment gardens for the first construction phase and the infrastructural works started at the beginning of 2016. The work of civil engineers has now been completed. After nine months, the 14 building blocks of the first construction [more]


Lecture / Hochschule RheinMain

Sabine Müller: Lust am Klima, Lust am Wandel. Lecture in the framework of the lecture series Architekturumtrunk


Prize / Living and working between the canals / Hamburg, Germany

The project area North-South-Axis is located in the heart of the river Elbe island Wilhelmsburg and on the island between the three canals Ernst August Canal, Aßmann Canal and Jaffe Davids Canal and Rotenhäuser Strasse. It covers an area of about 41 hectares. The aim of the redevelopment of this area is a vibrant, urban [more]


Conference / Vermischungen / Berlin University of Technology

In framework of the conference “Vermischungen – zum Verhältnis von Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur” (Mixtures – concerning the relationship of architecture and landscape architecture) Andreas Quednau will present under the title “Mixed Quarters – Possiblities Scales Mix Ratios” projects from the office SMAQ.


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover

Andreas Quednau has been appointed the new Professor of Urban Design at the Department for Urban Design and Planning at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. The post was previously hold by Manuel Scholl and prior to that by Klaus Trojan. Andreas will commence his role at the Leibniz University Hannover in October 2015.


Exhibition / Can design change society? / Berlin

In the framework of “projekt bauhaus” and alongside the international symposium ‘Can design change society?’ (September 18–19, 2015), a pop-up exhibition at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin will showcase SMAQ’s “Charter of Dubai” together with 24 other project prototypes centred on the theme. Classical modernism – the Bauhaus in particular – stands [more]


Recommendation / Island Neu Fahrland / Potsdam, Germany

SMAQ’s contribution to the urban planning expertise proceedings for the Island of New Fahrland has been recommended by the top panel of experts as the basis for further processing to the development of the planning area. Surrounded by a beautiful river landscape and located only ten minutes north of Potsdam city center, the Island Neu Fahrland is [more]


The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Sabine Müller, SMAQ’s co-founder and principal, has been appointed the Professor of Urbanism at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO. Sabine will commence her role at the school in August 2015.


Recommendation / Berliner Platz / Osnabrück, Germany

Berliner Platz is one of the busiest intersections in Osnabrück. The development at the intersecting Wallring and Wittekindstraße has been rebuilt after the war only partially. The area has evolved in the decades that followed until today into a rather unattractive transition space: vacant lots, vacant and unloving greened leftover areas next to the heavy [more]


Lecture / Cornell University

Hosted by the Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) Sabine Müller, co-founder and principle of SMAQ, will give a lecture on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at the Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium, Milstein Hall entitled “Environments: Tales of Inhabiting the Contemporary City”.


EU Cities reloading / Triennale di Milano / Milan

During the 2014 Triennale di Milano the Italian Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators (Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori – CNAPPC) and the European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP) organized in partnership with Architect’s Council of Europe (ACE) the interantional conference EU Cities reloading on Strategies and Policies for Urban Regeneration. [more]


1st Prize / Neuer Markt / Rostock, Germany

The medieval square Neuer Markt is one of the most important squares in Rostock, Germany. However, its current state does not comply with this importance. The two-phased urban design competition “Nordseite Neuer Mark” asked to formulate the northern edge of the square and propose the programmatic distribution. After an additional revision by three competition entries [more]


Prize / Mackensen Barracks / Hildesheim, Germany

The city of Hildesheim aims to develop the plot of the former Mackensen Barracks with an area of 11,8 ha and located in the Hildesheim district Oststadt for housing and the tertirary sector. In the framework of a competition urban and landscape aspects were asked to be connected to achieve an appropriate solution for the [more]


Prize / Gyula Trebitsch School / Hamburg

The Gyula Trebitsch School in Hamburg was named after the film producer Gyula Trebitsch from Hamburg who founded in proximity to the school the Studio Hamburg. The school is a neighborhood school. The development in the number of pupils makes an extension necessary. In the framework of an invited competition proposals for an extension and [more]


Concept for Riebeckplatz, Halle in Germany presented

In the framework of an urban design workshop organised by the city of Halle (Saale) SMAQ presented a proposal for the development of the area around Riebeckplatz in Halle (Saale), Germany.


1st Prize / Alte Döhrener Strasse / Hannover, Germany

SMAQ wins in the urban-architectural competition “Alte Döhrener Strasse” in Hannover the 1st prize.


Exhibition / International Architecture Biennale IABR-2014 / Rotterdam

The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR-2014, curated by Dirk Sijmons, presents under the theme “Urban by Nature” in the section “Urban Metabolism” SMAQ´s project “Rainmaker – A City Generating Rain” which was conceived for the metropolitain region of Casablanca, Morocco.


Prize / Bertolt Brecht School / Nuremberg, Germany

In the competition for a new building for the Bertolt Brecht School in Nuremberg, Germany the proposal by SMAQ, which was conceived in collaboration with 100Landschaftsarchitektur, was awarded with an acknowledgement prize.


Speculative Praxis – For A Future City / DAZ Berlin

Speculation, more than mere conjecture, is the deliberate formulation of new ideas based on existing knowledge and intelligent projection. In architecture and planning, speculative practice, along with transdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation with new technologies can yield new questions and unconventional yet necessary solutions for 21st century problems.


Exhibition / Arab Contemporary / Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

ARAB CONTEMPORARY is the second chapter in the series “Architecture, Culture and Identity” at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. The exhibition takes the visitor to old Yemenite civilizations and new cities like Dubai and new architectural projects that relate to the desert as place. It shows SMAQ’s proposal Ex-Palm for the transformation of Palm [more]


Prize / Neuer Markt / Rostock, Germany

SMAQ wins the urban design competition “Nordseite Neuer Markt” for the city center of Rostock, Germany together with two other teams.


Scientific Colloquium / The Future of the Modern City / Wolfsburg, Germany

Sabine Müller and Andreas Quednau (SMAQ) are invited to speak at the scientific colloquium “The Future of the Modern City” organized by the German Academy for Urban Design and Planning (DASL) in Wolfsburg, Germany in the session “Transformation” about the further development of the ideas and principles of the modern city for the needs and [more]


Lecture / Archeaology of the Future / Wolfsburg, Germany


Conference / Cities 2030 / University of Miami

Sabine Müller presents during the international conference “Cities 2030” on April 05, 2013 at University of Miami SMAQs “Charter of Dubai – A Manifesto of Critical Urban Tranformation”.


Prize / Residential Development White City / Oranienburg, Germany

In the international urban design competition for a residential development for an area of 17 ha in Oranienburg, Germany in close proximity to the so called White City the proposal by SMAQ in collaboration with Anna Viader was awarded with the 2nd prize.

Symposium / New Babylon / KIT Germany

Sabine Müller presents during the international symposium “New Babylon – Architecture and Urbanism after Crisis” at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) SMAQs “Charter of Dubai – A Manifesto of Critical Urban Tranformation”.


Book Release / Charter of Dubai – A Manifesto of Critical Urban Transformation

Jovis Publishers published SMAQ’s Charter of Dubai as a book. The Charter of Dubai is a manifesto of critical urban transformation. Looking at the man-made peninsula Palm Jumeirah on the coast of Dubai as a case study it subversively encourages the conversion of isolated quarters into a socially and ecologically open urban space. How can [more]


German Facade Prize

The facade design of the kindergarten in Berlin Hellerdorf that was realized within the context of thermal facade renovations was awarded at the German Facade prize 2012 in the category “Public Buildings” with the 1st prize.


Prize / Depot and Workshops / Schwerin, Germany

As part of the international open design competition “Depots and Workshops for the State Authority for Culture and Heritage (LAKD) and the State Museum in Schwerin (SMS) in the state capital Schwerin,” buildings were to be designed for the site on John Stelling Road in Schwerin for an „integrated workshop and a depot split into [more]


Symposium / design tactics & the informalized city / Cornell University

Sabine Müller is invited speaker at “Design Tactics & the Informalized City” symposium at Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art and Planning.


Runner-Up / Ulsteraue / Geisa, Germany

In the idea and realization competition for the redevelopment of the Ulster meadow and its surrounding areas in the city Geisa in Germany the design of SMAQ in collaboration with Anna Viader was awarded with a runner-up.


Lecture & Book Presentation / DAZ Berlin

“Infrastructural Urbanism – Addressing the In-Between” Architecture and public space are considered the defining design elements of our built environment – but how significant is technical infrastructure? So far, it has played a relatively subordinate role. Infrastructural Urbanism discusses the effects of infrastructure on urban space and their reception by the public. The book presents [more]


Prize / Windtower / Hamburg, Germany

In an invited internationally competition SMAQ’s proposal for the facade design for a windtower including a hotel and offices was awarded with a third prize. The windtower ought to become the future icon of the so called Ecocity that is under development in Hamburg-Harburg, Germany.


Masterplan Magdeburg Science Quarter completed

The city of Magdeburg in Germany is developing a new Science Quarter in order to promote itself as a research, education, and business hub. This development project is currently one of the most important urban planning focus areas in Magdeburg. The aim is to bring existing science and research facilities together in order to develop [more]


Exhibition / Post-Oil City / Tokyo

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. Facing climate change and finite supplies of fossil fuels, therefore, also means facing urban challenges. The exhibition “Post-Oil City: The History of the City’s Future” presents a host of innovative city planning projects in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The exhibition has been produced [more]


Prize / Multipurpose Hall / Iserlohn, Germany

In a selected competition for a multipurpose hall in Iserlohn, Germany SMAQ was awarded with the second prize. The proposed building structures the park site of the Alexanderhöhe in such a way that it formulates together with the existing theatre two squares on different levels. The main spaces of the building – the foyer and [more]


Exhibition / Post-Oil City / Zurich

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Exhibition / Concrete Geometrie / AA London

The exhibition “Concrete Geometries” at Architectural Association (AA) in London presents among others SMAQs Charter of Dubai. The twenty projects in the exhibition investigating how geometric aspects of space such as size, shape or relative position of figures are perceived and influence behavior, not in an abstract but very real sense.


Prize / Urban Regeneration / Leipzig, Germany

In the international competition for the regeneration of the former railway yard Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig, Germany SMAQ in collaboration Anna Viader received third prize for their proposal. The project develops the site as an intersection where the city meets the “wildernis”.


Prize / Sustainable Masterplan / Esslingen, Germany

In the competition for the regeneration of a large section of the former railway yard in Essling, Germany SMAQ in collaboration with HL and Buro Happold received an acknowledgement prize for their sustainable masterplan for the Neue Weststadt.


Prize / Inner City Living Quarter / Regensburg, Germany

SMAQ receives second prize for their proposal in a competition for a case study project for family friendly living in the inner city of Regensburg, Germany. The project is part of the initiative for “Experimental Housing”. The competition asked for an urban proposal for an area of 21.500 m² and for the design of 50 [more]

Exhibition / Matrix City / Utrecht, Netherlands

By bringing together artworks and practices that point to overlapping trajectories within the contemporary urban landscape, this year Matrix City exhibition ‘Opportunities of Entanglement’ speaks about ambivalences between entanglement (or even enslavement) and the next playful ‘liberation of mankind’. The exhibition touches upon the shelf life or expiration date of contemporary concepts of the city; [more]


Invited Design Research / Urban Agriculture Casablanca

SMAQ is invited by Urban Agriculture Casablanca, a project by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of the research program Future Megacities, to participate in their design research. Participants are asked to generate visionary development concepts and spatial solutions for linking urban-rural development using urban agriculture as a productive green [more]


Prize / Campus Plus / Berlin-Buch

In the competition for the extension of the research campus of world standing Berlin-Buch, Germany SMAQ received third prize for their proposal Campus+. The project develops spatial and programmatic strategies to support the development of Berlin-Buch to a top research institution. The urban concept for Campus+ is based three principles: 1. Coherent landscapes: the use [more]


Exhibition / Post-Oil City / Stuttgart


Lecture / State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart / Germany

Andreas Quednau will give in the lecture, titled “Environments – Umwelten”, in the framework of the lecture series “Jour Fixe” on February 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.


Exhibition / Urban Miracles / Bludenz, Austria

Remise Bludenz, 2010.   All utopias are depressing, because they leave no room for chance, for difference, for the “miscellaneous”. Everything has been set in order and order reigns. Behind every utopia there is always some great taxonomic design: a place for each thing and each thing in its place. (Georges Perec, Species of Spaces [more]


Lecture / Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Invited by Arqpoli Sabine Müller will give a talk is in the context of the lecture series “Sense Recession: What comes next?” at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico on Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in the main amphitheater.


SMAQ wins Competition for Science Port in Magdeburg

SMAQ wins in collaboration with HL landscape architects the 1st prize in the international competition for the re-design of Magdeburg’s historical port. The goal is to restructure the former trade port into a so called Science Port as a destination for innovative businesses and a place for knowledge transfer. The project for the Magdeburg Science [more]


International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam presents SMAQ

The fourth edition of the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam (IABR) with the theme “Open City – Designing Coexistence”, curated by Kees Christiaanse, presents SMAQ´s manifesto “The Charta of Dubai” and its application: “X-Palm” as part of the exhibition REFUGE, sub-curated by Philipp Misselwitz and Can Altay, at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi).


Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Andreas Quednau, SMAQ’s co-founder and principal, has been appointed the new Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. The post was previously hold by Matthias Sauerbruch and prior to that by David Chipperfield. Andreas will commence his role at the Academy in September 2009.


Prize / Multigenerational Houses

SMAQ received the forth prize for their proposal in a competition for multigenerational houses and a kindergarten located in Königsbrunn, southern Germany. The project develops a new typology of living apart and together at the same time across generations.


Prize / Urban Regeneration / Elmshorn, Germany

SMAQ in collaboration with HL Landschaftsarchitekts receives a second prize in the international urban design competition for their “innovative” proposal for the re-development of Krückau-Vormstegen. The former industrial area Krückau-Vormstegen is situated in direct proximity to the historical city centre of Elmshorn, a small town close to Hamburg, Germany.


SMAQ receives AR AWARD for Emerging Architecture

SMAQ receives prestigious Architectural Review Award for Emerging Architecture 2008 (commended).


Prize / State Garden Exhibition / Löbau, Germany

In the competition for the Landesgartenschau (state garden exhibition) to be held in Löbau in the year 2012 SMAQ receives a third prize for the design done in collaboration with HL Landschaftsarchitekten and Kamel Louafi (both Berlin).


SMAQ receives Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction

SMAQ receives prestigious Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction. November 12 the winners of the Holcim Awards from across region Africa Middle East were announced at a ceremony in Marrakech. Almost 5000 projects from 90 countries were entered in the second Holcim Awards competition. Submissions from Africa Middle East were evaluated by an independent jury hosted [more]

SMAQ Exhibition / German Center for Architecture DAZ / Berlin

GLASHAUS_10, a series by the German Center for Architecture DAZ in Berlin, is presenting SMAQ and their work in a solo exhibition with the title Environment – Umwelten.


Venice Architecture Biennale presents SMAQ

Two of SMAQ’s projects are featured at the Venice Biennale, 11th International Architecture Exhibition Out There – Architecture Beyond Building curated by Aaron Betsky. The Cosy Chair designed for Droog Desing is on show in the S1NGLETOWN Exhibition curated by Droog and KesselsKramer from September 14th to November 23rd 2008. The project Cumulus for Oslo, [more]


Masterplan for Dubai presented

The masterplan for Paramount Xeritown, a 60 hectares site in Dubai, was officially presented at the international property investment and development exhibition Cityscape in Abu Dhabi. The sustainable mixed-use development is planed for 7000 inhabitants.


Salone del Mobile in Milan presents Cosy Chair

During the Salone del Mobile 2008 in Milan SMAQ’s Cosy Chair designed for Droog Design is on display at the Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta. A touch of Green In the footsteps of scientific researchers and opinion leaders, designers and manufacturers are also claiming sustainability. Droog has always focused on the mental or human side of product [more]


Exhibition / Post-it City. Occasional Urbanities / Barcelona

In the framework of the exhibition “Post-it City. Occasional Urbanities” the CCCB – Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona presents  SMAQ’s project “Call me now!” that explores alternatives uses of the mobile phone and its consequences in the capitals Brazzaville and Kinshasa in the Republic and the D.R. Congo. Post-it City looks at different overlapping [more]


SMAQ wins Competition in Norway

SMAQ wins the Europan 9 competition for a site located in Oslo, Norway. The project “Culmulus” takes on the challenge of diversifying social structure along with the sustainability imperative. “Cumulus” is an urban strategy that conceives public spaces as related to the environmental dynamics of northern living. The proposal for a mixed-used development (re)binds the [more]


Exhibition / Shrinking Cities / German Architecture Museum DAM / Frankfurt

The DAM (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) in Frankfurt is presenting the exhibition Shrinking Cities: Nine Urban Ideas. Besides more than 20 other projects by contemporay architects it feature SMAQ’s project Schkreutz. City Map. 1st Edition. Shrinking Cities: Nine Urban Ideas In the 1990s, more than a quarter of the world’s big cities shrank, and their number continues [more]


Lecture / Architectural Association / London

Hosted by the Environments, Ecology and Sustainability (EES) Research Cluster of the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London Andreas Quednau will talk about “… and other environments”.


FollyDOCK EXPO / Rotterdam

SMAQ’s folly BAD(bath) – water folly on the dock was selected from an international competition with some other twenty designs for building in Heijplaat, Rotterdam. During the FollyDOCK Expo it is open for public viewing. FollyDOCK Expo is part of Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture. FollyDOCK is an international competition for artists, designers and architects. [more]


Exhibition / Searching for an Ideal Urbanity / Stuttgart

Among others the exhibition Searching for an Ideal Urbanity at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart is presenting the project Call me now! by SMAQ supported by From/To Europe that is based on the research of moblie phones in Brazzaville and Kinshasa. When the French philosopher Henri Lefebvre criticized urbanism as an authoritarian and immediately-antiquated controlling [more]


Exhibition / Génération Europan / Paris

Génération Europan recalls 20 years of Europan competitions, which since its creation made emerge on the European scene young talents in the fields of architecture and the urban design. In the course of the eight sessions, 430 sites were proposed with the reflexion of approximately 40.000 young designers gathered in 15.000 teams. The juries of [more]

Lecture / IAAC / Barcelona

As part of the lecture series 2006-07 of the postgraduate program “Digital Tectonics” at the Institute d’arquitectura avancada de Catalunya (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain Sabine Müller represents SMAQ in a lecture titled ‘The BATH Project’.


Prize / Environmental Tectonics Competition / AA London

SMAQ receives for the project BATH a second prize in the Environmental Tectonics Competition that was sponsored by the Architectural Association (London) and the Environments, Ecology and Sustainability Research Cluster as an open one-stage international competition in search of innovative ideas, design projects, new techniques and research initiatives that highlight insights into contemporary directions of [more]


Exhibition / From/To Europe #3 / Shedhalle Zurich

The Shedhalle in Zurich is presenting SMAQ’s research Mobile Kinshasa as part of the exhibtion From/To Europe #3 Roaming Around – Digital Devide, Regional Codes, Copy/South & the Question of Access.


The bathing season started!

June 24th, 2006 bathing season started. BAD (bath) is now open to the public to take a bath in the Solitude palace gardens in Stuttgart, Germany. Just bring your towel and enjoy. BAD (bath) is an architectural folly, a usable sculpture. It is based on a 1,000-meter long garden hose, which, connected to a hydrant, [more]


BRAKIN / book is out

Lars Müller Publishers and the Jan van Eyck Academie just published the book “BRAKIN, Brazaville – Kinshasa, Visualizing the Visible”. It is an urban research on the two cities of Brazaville and Kinshasa by Agency, Tina Clausmeyer, Wim Cuyvers, Dirk Pauwels, SMAQ and Kristien Van den Brande. A group of researchers investigated the public spheres [more]


Exhibition / FollyDOCK / NAi Rotterdam

In an international competition with 398 entries SMAQ’s project “Water Folly on the Dock” was selected as one of the eleven best entries. The exhibition FollyDOCK in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam presents SMAQ’s project with 44 other selected entries.   Exhibition: June 24 – September 24, 2006 Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays [more]

SMAQ lecture at the XII Congreso Internacional De Arquitectura in Mexico

During the XII Congreso Internacional De Arquitectura at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla Mexico Andreas Quednau will lecture about ‘Trajectories of Usage’.


Lecture / SFT Architecture Congress 2006 / Münster, Germany

During the SFT Architecture Congress 2006 in Münster, Germany Andreas Quednau represents SMAQ in a lecture titled ‘Infrastructural Facades’.

Prize / EUROPAN 8 Competition / Norway

SMAQ wins second prize in the eighth edition of Europan with the project L.A.R.S. for Bergen, Norway. The topic of EUROPAN 8 was ‘European Urbanity and Strategic Projects’. After winning EUROPAN 6 in Burgos, Spain and receiving a second prize in Bern, Switzerland (EUROPAN 5) and Krems, Austria (EUROPAN 7) this is SMAQ’s fourth winning [more]


Exhibition / Shrinking Cities – Interventions / Leipzig

The second Shrinking Cities exhibition “Shrinking Cities – Intervention” in the Gallery for Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany and the related book “Shrinking Cities, Volume 2: Interventions” both feature SMAQ’s project “Schkreutz. City Map. 1st Edition” commissioned by the Bauhaus Dessau.


exhibition / Creative immigration in NL / Amsterdam

The ABC Architectuurcentrum in Haarlem, Netherlands is presenting the exhibition “Creative immigration in NL – Typical NL architecture by NO NL architects”. The exhibition includes, amongst others, four of SMAQ’s projects and related products. The exposition shows a selection of design professionals in Holland: architects and graphic designers. None of them has from origin a [more]


SMAQ Exhibition / Suburban Living Room / Stuttgart

The installation “Suburban Living Room” thematizes, in the context of the Weissenhof housing development (Mies van der Rohe) inStuttgart, the change of living towards an intersection of infrastructure and the leisure landscape. Whereas modernity was striving for the opening of the interior to the exterior, the ideal of suburban living today, in an age that [more]

SMAQ Exhibition / Hamburg, Germany

The Salon Blauraum in Hamburg, Germany is presenting SMAQ’s exhibition “Architectures for the Infrastructural Leisure Landscape”. The three projects presented are architectural maneuvers that develop strategies of embracement, negotiation and adaptation to activate, take advantage and authenticate the contemporary landscape. The exhibition is supported by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. What [more]


Lecture / Rotterdam / Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi)

SMAQ together with Casanova Hernandez Architects are invited to present their work on Monday the 24th of January in the Salon Rotterdam at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). The evening will be moderated by the director of the NAi, Aaron Betzky.