1st Prize / Alte Döhrener Strasse / Hannover, Germany

SMAQ wins in the urban-architectural competition “Alte Döhrener Strasse” in Hannover the 1st prize.

The proposal for a site of 5.333 m² located in the so called Südstadt of Hannover in Germany consits of an ensemble of two buildings with 54 rentable and 12 sellable apartments.


Exhibition of the Competition Results

Opening: June 2, 2014, 16:30
Welcome by Uwe Bodemann, City Councillor for Building and Construction and Helmut Kummer, Theo Gerlach Wohnungsbau-Unternehmen GmbH & Co.KG, director

Bauverwaltung, 1st floor, Rudolf-Hillebrecht-Platz 1, Hannover, Germany
Opening hours: June 3 – 26, 2014, Mo-Fr 8:00 -18:00


Alte Döhrener Strasse – Hannover, Germany