Exhibition / Matrix City / Utrecht, Netherlands

By bringing together artworks and practices that point to overlapping trajectories within the contemporary urban landscape, this year Matrix City exhibition ‘Opportunities of Entanglement’ speaks about ambivalences between entanglement (or even enslavement) and the next playful ‘liberation of mankind’. The exhibition touches upon the shelf life or expiration date of contemporary concepts of the city; something hard to comprehend in the current boom of urban and metropolitan territories, but with a long and recurrent base in history.  For this occasion Matrix City appropriates part of Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht’s 1970s avant-garde shopping center, which is today regarded outdated and finds itself on the verge of a major reconstruction. This site in an eerie way reminds of parts of Constant Nieuwenhuys’ New Babylon, a superstructure meant to liberate humans of physical work – just in Hoog Catharijne one was to find satisfaction in shopping, not in play.

Matrix City presents SMAQ’s Charta of Dubai and the X-Palm.


Participating artists: SMAQ (Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau), Francesco Jodice, Kayle Brandon in collaboration with Heath Bunting, Persuasive Games, Bureau d’Etudes, Derivart, Pond Media and Design with Wildlife Conservation Society, Victor Borisov, Vladimir Todorović and Justin Tan, Molleindustria, Damon Rich, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (Daniel Castro and Robert Atkinson), Dubravka Sekulić, moddr_ (Danja Vasiliev, Gordan Savičić, Walter Langelaar)


Curatorial team: Ana Džokić, Marc Neelen and Kristian Lukić in collaboration with Arjon Dunnewind, Impakt Foundation.


Opening: Wednesday 13 October 2010, 17:00-18:45
Exhibition: Thursday 14 until Sunday 17 October 2010, 11:00-18.00 (Thursday  until 21.00)
Hoog Catharijne

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Charta of Dubai / X-Palm


For more information please visit: Impakt Festival

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