Recommendation / Dragoner Barracks / Berlin

The former Dragoner Barracks in Berlin Kreuzberg and adjoining areas are to be developed on the basis of the urban design by SMAQ with Man Made Land and Barbara Schindler. In the past five months, three planning teams had developed urban designs in an open workshop process with citizen participation. The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will draw up the development plan based on the selected urban design.

The chairman of the jury, Professor Rudolf Scheuvens, said of the winning design: “With this result we have reached an important milestone in this demanding and exemplary development process. This path becomes challenging in a positive sense. With the urban design foundation by SMAQ, Man Made Land and Barbara Schindler, we have selected a resilient, robust concept that promises high quality for the area of the former Dragoner Barracks. The next step, however, is not just about building, but also about further developing this concept and the cooperative process. In this model project, the cooperation partners will actively support the implementation.“

The recommended design works out the historical difference between the former barracks and the Wilhelminian-style block edge development and at the same time creates a new expressive urban quarter. The concept offers spacious, open spaces that invite to meet and network well with the neighbourhood. The listed buildings are adequately respected.