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The ABC Architectuurcentrum in Haarlem, Netherlands is presenting the exhibition “Creative immigration in NL – Typical NL architecture by NO NL architects”. The exhibition includes, amongst others, four of SMAQ’s projects and related products.

The exposition shows a selection of design professionals in Holland: architects and graphic designers. None of them has from origin a Dutch nationality but they all work in Holland. For example: children of the immigrants from the seventies, but also the employees and trainees who work by well known bureaus of architects and “the new arrivals”: people from the member countries of the EU. And even the current students at the universities and academies often have foreign parents. A striking phenomenon in Dutch architectural practice is the rising of multicultural influences. Probably within ten years a substantial part of the architecture will be designed by them.

The participants of the exposition “creative immigration” present themselves and give their point of view at the above mentioned theme. In a debate, under superstition of Roemer van Toorn (architecture theory, Berlage Institute) and Olga Vázquez-Ruano, the participants of the exhibition will discuss “How Dutch is Super Dutch”.


Participants: Artgineering, Casanova + Hernandez architecten, Architekten Cie Ir. B. Medic & Ir. P. Puljiz, Fün Design Consultancy, SMAQ – architecture urbanism research, Elastik, M.Arch.Dipl.Ing. Olaf Gipser, Olga Vázquez-Ruano MAUD B.Arch., Moriko Kira architect.

Debate and Opening: Thursday, June 23, 20:00
Exhibition: June 23 to August 28, 2005
Hosted by ABC Architectuurcentrum
Groot Heiligland 47, Haarlem, Netherlands
Opening Hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays 12:00-17:00
Sundays 13:00-17:00


For more information please visit:
ABC Architectuurcentrum

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