Lecture / The City as second Nature / University Heidelberg / IBA Heidelberg

The juxtaposition of nature and culture has been in a process of dissolution for a long time. Man, as the determining factor, has interfered with geological and biochemical processes to the extent that the globe has become a human system with embedded ecosystems. With that, the relationship of natural and human-made environments has fundamentally changed. The dichotomy of natural spaces and the city, as the cultural achievement of man, is called into question. The differences dissolve not only because natural and urban spaces mix, but also because they form a new systemic whole. Nature, supposedly outside of the city, disappears and becomes an inherent component of the urban metabolism, which creates, as an open system in steady interaction of human system and ecosystem, a new second nature. This understanding of the current Earth epoch as the Anthropocene opens up new perspectives for the city-shaping disciplines.

The lecture of Andreas Quednau “The City as Second Nature” asks how architects, landscape architects, and urban designers can act productively in the transition to the Anthropocene, and exemplifies with projects of the office SMAQ how urban landscapes and agglomerations can be designed, activated, and inhabited with human-eco-systemic delight.

The lecture is part of the series by Heidelberg University „Studium Generale“ with the topic „The City of Tomorrow – Questions oft he Society towards the Furture“. The series was conceptualized in cooperation with the Institute for Geography, the Reallabor Urban Office and the International Building Exhibition IBA_Heidelberg.


The City as Second Nature | Andreas Quednau
Respondent: Jagoda Marinic | Intercultural Centre, Heidelberg


Monday Mai 14, 2018, 19:30

Heidelberg University
Aula der Neuen Universität
Universitätsplatz 1 | D-Heidelberg



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