Bayrischer Bahnhof – Leipzig, Germany

The proposal for¬†the¬†land conversion next to the Bayrischer Bahnhof, in Leipzig,¬†forms a¬†distinctive¬†landscape. The characteristically industrial area is interpreted as ‚Äúwilderness‚ÄĚ and pulled into the city. The¬†ecological and¬†infrastructural¬†centre¬†is¬†framed¬†in several ways:¬†a programmed¬†park boundary¬†(the binding edge),¬†the structural layout¬†of the¬†park-row¬†(fragmented¬†small-scale buildings),¬†followed by¬†block development.¬†These¬†permeable layers form¬†a variety of¬†visual¬†and physical connections¬†to the park.


Competition: 3rd Prize
Client: City of Leipzig, Leipzig, DB Services Immobilien GmbH

Team: Sabine M√ľller, Andreas Quednau, Sara Favargiotti, Nicola Gnes, Anna Kostreva, Urs Kumberger
In collaboration with: Anna Viader, Anne Rohde, Amelia Seisdedos

landscape, Projects, urbanism, competitions