Inner Infrastructure completed / Hellwinkel Terraces / Wolfsburg, Germany

The construction of the new urban quarter will take place in two construction phases. The clearing of the allotment gardens for the first construction phase and the infrastructural works started at the beginning of 2016. The work of civil engineers has now been completed. After nine months, the 14 building blocks of the first construction phase are fully accessed with all supply lines. The construction of the first residential buildings and of the open spaces is planned for 2017.

A central promenade, which is later to become the heart of the city quarter as a car-free “green centre” leads to the Hellwinkel School. The green median is not yet recognizable in its final width. But the two lanes on the right and left, which will later be cobblestone paths, can be recognized.

The main part of the reservoir for rainwater has been completed and has already disappeared below the earth’s surface. Two large storage volumes are laid out under the later meadows. Above the technical structure, which will provide for a dosed run-off of the rainwater, will be green areas of ​​about 45 by 40 meters that will serve the neighbourhood as meeting places and recreational areas.

The lower meadow terrace with 790 cubic meters storage volume has already been realized. The upper will be realized with the second construction phase. A further restraint system in the area of ​​the quarter entrance at Reislinger Strasse is also finished and will kept up to 380 cubic meters of rainwater. The plastic boxes in the ground are no longer visible. In heavy rainfall, the lawn terraces are used as additional storage volume.

The green area has a slight gradient to the centre. The water will stay in the central area of the meadows before it slowly seeps into the retention reservoir. The rainwater management of the area will thus stay visible in parts.

The staircase on the south side of the lawn terraces, which is being built as a seating area, is also clearly recognizable. The steps equalize the difference in height between the three almost parallel roads, which can be up to two meters. The terrain falls from the edge of the forest to the street Reislinger Strasse almost six meters.

More photos at (in Germany only). There is also a webcam, which regularly provides a view of the construction progress.


Hellwinkel City Quarter, Wolfsburg, Germany