Highway…ing – Stuttgart, Germany

Highway…ing reprograms a high-speed road cutting through a larger system of leisure landscapes around Castle Solitude nearStuttgart with housing, pedestrian bridges, parking and sports facilities.

As a research project it explores a sequence of car-related movements as a base for integral environmental design. An animation identifies the highway as an elastic, changeable strand of potential activities: a sequence (driving, exiting the highway, slowing down, stopping, entering the home and going outside into the open landscape) is recorded. Its tracings transform the road into the core of a settlement that combines the advantages of smooth vehicle accessibility with the protective programs of living, shielded from the impact of the traffic flow.


e_competition ‘Possible Futures’: Honourable Mention 
1st International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2003
Bienal Miami + Beach 2003 for Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau

research, urbanism, competitions