Isotop – Bern, Switzerland

Isotop is a hybrid of a motel and a sport centre tying the economical input of the larger region onto one ofBern’s peripheral sites. The project activates the existing sequence of green leisure areas typical for edge locations. Grass-covered tilted planes form the roofs of airy gymnasiums and establish the green and wide horizons of the motel rooms. The rooms’ orientations negotiate between noise protection and public permeability. The mirroring facades multiply the green surfaces. A park-like artefact emerges, densifying the principles of landscape into a three-dimensional urban pattern.


International Competition Europan 5 (1998): 2. Prize
Client: City of
Bern / Europan Switzerland
Program: Motel, Super Market, Offices, Super-market, Cinema
Gross Floor Area: 29.500 m²
Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau

architecture, projects, urbanism, competitions