SCOOP Arctic Culture Centre – Hammerfest, Norway

The Arctic Culture Centre is an extroverted, climatically active and user-interactive bow, dynamically poised between three poles:Hammerfesttown centre, the harbour and the beach. The form reacts to local forces, intelligently using what it can from the available resources and giving back to the environment. A reflective and shiny metal skin forms a loosely layered structure that peels at different angles in reaction to different environmental conditions thus accommodating sun shielding, sun-reflecting, ventilation, acoustics, and artificial lighting in combinations. As the light changes, the Arctic Culture Centre is transformed from a reflective sculptural form into a light-emitting lantern, all the while remaining a vibrant focal point from the city centre.


Client: City of Hammerfest, Hammerfest Naeringsinvest AS and Hammerfest Harbour Authority
Use: Culture Centre incl. music school, performance and rehearsal space, cinema, exhibition.
Gross Area: 4100 m²
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Caroline O’ Donnell
Bioclimatic Consultant: Caroline O’ Donnell

architecture, projects, competitions