L.A.R.S – Åsane, Bergen, Norway

L.A.R.S. asks the question, how can a centre be conceived at the heart of the borough Åsane in the suburbs of Bergen, along the highway, between shopping malls, large scale businesses and suburban housing. The project is based on leisure and car related practices and declares the individual logics of suburban programs as its principle. Thus, it develops a site- specific form of urbanity instead of importing alien urban models. The project activates the contradicting potentials of the highway interchange and the proximity to the landscape. In the design, the layers and volumes are understood as flexible and elastic; they react to the landscape and adjust so that the apartments that look for the view and the direct access into the landscape are accommodated.

International Competition Europan 8, 2005: 2nd Prize
Client: Bergen Tomteselskap
Program: 470 apartments, 10.350 m2 retail, 11.100 m2 offices, 8.500 m2 cultural and social facilities, 1.500 parking places
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Petr Baletka

projects, urbanism, competitions