Art Now Hotel – Beijing, China

Beijing Art Now Hotel aims to set new standards inBeijing’s cultural scene. It commissioned international designers and architects to design unique hotel rooms. The design for the “curtain room” draws on a necessary provision forBeijing’s mosquito plagued climate: the mosquito net. Silk nets provide intimate shelter, diffuse and subtle light conditions, mystifying half transparencies — and they absorb humidity. In the room, multiple functions – bathing, sleeping, lounging and storing – are defined as spatial islands. Each of these spaces can be enclosed by curtains which vary in opacity from the light mosquito net to heavy silk drapes. The guest can determine the degree to which each of the different areas is open or closed by sliding the curtains around.


Client: Beijing Art Now Gallery (BANG)
Program: 4 hotel rooms at 55 – 70 m2
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Daniel Fernandez Pascual, José Luis Llaca, Therese Granberg, Jung Suh, Steward Mills

architecture, design, projects