Cosy Chair – DROOG

Cosy Chair replaces the mono-functional wall mounted radiator in the form of a piece of comfortable furniture that heats locally right where one might sit and rest for a cup of tea, to read a book or watch TV. The Cosy Chair cuts energy consumption by providing a field of differentiated temperature: heating precisely where warmth is needed instead of heating the whole volume of the space equally. It is made of fifty meters of bent stainless steel tubing that plug (via an elastic hose) into the regular heating system of a building.


Exhibited at Salone del Mobile 2008 in Milan
Venice Biennale, 11th International Architecture Exhibition Out There – Architecture Beyond Building, S1NGLETOWN Exhibition
Client: Droog Design
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Ludovica Rogers

selected projects, design, sustainability