State Garden Exhibition – Deggendorf, Germany

The proposed car park acts as both building and modulated landscape.┬á Embedded in the topography of the embankment with a flowing fa├žade of wooden slats, the structures become a spatial counterpart to the revamped festival ground. Natural forces which shape the embankment as well as the existing railway tracks influence the plan and provide the stimulus for a focal point of the intervention.┬áGentle park ramps seamlessly draw lines of pedestrians and bicycle movement from the festival grounds to the embankment, and link views from the city centre to the opposite river bank. Adjacent gardens are also directly accessible from the interior car park by means of an adjoining airspace and two additional service cores.


Client: City of Deggendorf
Team: Sabine M├╝ller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny
In Collaboration With: HL Landschaftsarchitekten

architecture, landscape, projects, competitions