State Garden Festival 2012 – Löbau, Germany

Part of the garden show competition brief was to transform an existing sugar factory into a flower house during the garden exhibition and to create rentable event spaces after the exhibition ends. The post-industrial transformation is based on a strengthening of the impressive existing interior qualities and plays with the over-sized scale of the structure.  The factory is characterized by large spaces and a wooden frame roof. A restaurant ‘tree house’ hangs between the treetop-like rafter space: thus, the lower trunk/column space remains continuous for festival events, while the ‘treetops’ become inhabitable.


Competition (2008): 3rd Prize
Client: City of Löbau
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Francesco Corvino
In Collaboration With: HL Landschaftsarchitekten, Kamel Louafi

architecture, landscape, projects, competitions