Exhibition / Ah CA va bien / MAK Los Angeles

The Los Angeles branche of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna MAK Center for Art Architecture presents SMAQ’s project LA Water in the exhibtion Ah CA va bien.

For their project, SMAQ investigated a Los Angeles dichotomy: How so dry a place has come to be known for a wet lifestyle of green lawns and swimming pools. Building on an interest in exposing infrastructure as integral to urban life, SMAQ explores Los Angeles’ complex system of water supply and usage.

For the exhibition SMAQ confronts the engineering masterpieces of aqueducts and reservoirs that bring water to Los Angeles. They present imagined tales of usage and functionality evoked by the systems’ overall invisibility, access restrictions, and technical facts. Taking these narratives further into the local scale, SMAQ constructs machine that turns Californian wine into water based on the functionality of siphons. Questioning water supply as abstractly reliant and always available, this machine explores water related infrastructure as an event and a social act.


The Ah CA va bien exhibition includes work by Johann Neumeister, SMAQ (Sabine MĂĽller and Andreas Quednau), Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Bernhard Eder and Theresa Krenn.

MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles
Schindler House
835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Opening: Thursday, March 6, 2008, 19:00
March 7-10, 2008
Daily 11:00-18:00


In Terms of Water


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