Mixed Grains – Elmshorm, Germany

Mixed Grains is a tactic to create an alter-urbanity in sites with underutilised buildings. It achieves this by accentuating the fragmentation of former industrial areas with a checkerboard of typologies and programs positioned over time. The continual generation of these moves by Mixed Grains unleashes a clash of scales, activities and environmental strategies that can jumpstart an urban condition. This strategy results in a mixture of dwellings (lofts, apartments, double houses, and collective living) which provide a right to autonomy of different ages, income brackets, and lifestyles. This high density of diversity in program and person creates a neighbourhood with the typological variety of a city.


International Competition. 2nd Prize
Client: City of Elmshorn
Program: 99.120 m² apartments, 32.760 m² retail, 14.570 m² offices, 3.890 m² social facilities, 2.630m² leisure facilities, 1600 underground parking spots
Site Area: 25 ha
Gross Floor Area: 151.970 m²

Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Timothy Moore, Martino Sacchi
In Collaboration With: HL Landschaftsarchitekten, Buro Happold, Johannes Grothaus

landscape, projects, urbanism, competitions