Multigenerational Housing and Kindergarten – Königsbrunn, Germany

The Multigenerational Housing Project in Königsbrunn allows for the informal cohabitation of residents young and old, mobile and handicapped, single individuals and those part of a family unit.  The primary urban and architectural concept is based on providing facilities and shared surfaces necessary for community life.

Organization of the housing units provide opportunities for a diverse population of residents to interact with casual frequency. Encounters, dialogues, and helping hands are fostered from the family, next door neighbour, and collective unit to the multi-generational community and surrounding neighbourhood.,

Programmatic fluidity originates in the zoning of a basic housing unit, which offers its users flexible boundaries between public and private living sectors.  This dynamic between social and private space operates throughout the proposal on several scales; from the home interior to the greater urban organization.  Common areas are to be appropriated at will by the current user group.


International Competition (2009): 4th Prize
Client: GWG Königsbrunn
Program: 55 Apartments  with Kindergarden
Floor Area: 7.000 m²
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Daniel Fernandez Pascual, José Luis Llaca, Matthias Titze, Tanner Chapham, Laura Saether

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