X-Palm’s methodology is based on the notion that the luxury refuges built during the last real estate boom represent a massive societal investment, and that a process of recycling and transformation needs to take place. The Charter of Dubai addresses issues of marketing, environmental sustainability and social bonding. Precise measures of formal adjustment, comparable to those of an alteration tailor, lead to attracting a broader clientele, advancing biodiversity, improving accessibility, increasing density and affordability, enabling local food production and energy supply and adapting housing and public space to the hot climate.


conceived for the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

Text, Design and Editing: Sabine MĂĽller and Andreas Quednau
Collaborators: Timothy Moore, Laura Saether, Tanner Clapham,
MatthiasTitze, Robert Gorny

Research: SMAQ in cooperation with Berlin University of Technology
(Milia Abou-Rjeili, Violeta Burckhardt, Hao Chen, Jianyi Du, Cecilia Fossati,
Nicola Gnes, Pascal Hentschel, Yue Ren, Bruno Schnellrath, Alon Shikar,
Maciej Sokolnicki, Jesus Villanueva Salcedo; Tutor: Andreas Quednau)
and Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Chloé Arduin,
Andrès Casares, Sarah Fruit, Martin Häckl, Fabrice Henninger, Hyunki Shin,
MiaomiaoWang; Tutor: Daniel Schönle)

Special thanks to: Can Altay, Kees Christiaanse, Phillip Misselwitz,
Daniel Schönle, Alex Wall, Klaus Zillich

Copy Editing: Timothy Moore

selected projects, research, sustainability, projects, urbanism