Center for Senior Citizens – Gundelsheim, Germany

The Senior Center Gundelsheim is concieved as an open building; simple and clear in structure and spatial organization. It is friendly in appearance. Community participation is supported through a generous entrance which engages communication with the city. However, there is still an opportunity to retreat into the light flooded private rooms, which have a strong connection with the landscape. The distinct courtyard typology picks up the potential of the site at the edge of the city while responding to the challenges of the location: On one hand, the ring-shaped building creates a peaceful interior courtyard which is protected from the noise of the highway; on the other hand, a strong relationship between the residents and the outside landscape is achieved. The radial geometry of the building is effective in two ways: the view inwards creates a sense of community and security; the view outwards expands into a panorama from the rooms and the common areas.


Client: Gemeinde Gundelsheim
Gross Floor Area: 8.100 m²
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Paola Bagna

architecture, projects, competitions