Quarter Wintergarden Tower – Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig aims to upgrade the inner city around the prominent Wintergarten Tower in direct proximity to the central station. In the urban figure TERZ (“third”) two new buildings swirl around the existing “Wintergarden Tower” and meld themselves together as a grouping on an urban square. The two proposed buildings mediate the juxtaposition of the five story Victor’s Residenz Hotel at the Georgiring and the sudden verticality of the tower: one new building is built to reflect the height of the hotel, the other rises up gently towards the Wintergarten Tower. At the same time, the buildings are placed in such a way that they allow a direct visual connection between the square in front of the train station and the new urban space of the ensemble. While the new structures are programmed as a hotel and loft spaces for creative industries, the lower levels have public amenities like sport fields, playgrounds, and a pool which enhance the new and attractive character of the neighbourhood.


Urban Ideas Competition
Client: Leipziger Wohnungs- undBaugesellschaft mbH
Program: Offices, Temporary Housing, Hotel, Fitness Centre, Spa and Swimming Pool, Bar and Auditorium, Restauration and Retail
Gross Floor Area: 17.500 m2
Team: Sabine MĂĽller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Matthias Titze, Sabrina Meyer, Paola Bagna


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