Innercity Residential Quarter – Regensburg, Germany

The sponsored pilot-project for inner-city neighbourhoods provides forward-looking proposals for 250 family-friendly homes on a former military site. The idea of the “cottage in the country” provides the basis from which the project is developed. The design offers a new building typology, grouped around common courtyards. The loose perimeter-block typology of the former barracks-area is reinterpreted and further developed.

The existing occurrence of paths cutting through the courtyards is strengthened, supporting a tiered network of public and semi-public spaces. The different radiuses of movement of the various age-groups begin to overlap. The new courtyards are staggered in height and are framed by buildings pairs, each consisting of a 5-storey and a 3-storey L-form. This promotes the efficient ventilation of houses from an urban-climate perspective, while additionally projecting a diverse face to the neighbourhood.


Idea and Building-Realization Competition (2011): 2nd Prize

Client: Stadtbau-GmbH Regensburg
Program: 50 Family Homes (built section) / 250 Homes (total)
Plot Area: 21.541 m² (total)
Floor Area: 3.766 m2 (realized section)

Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Daniel Fernandez Pascual, Robert Gorny, Anna Kostreva

architecture, projects, urbanism, competitions