New West City – Esslingen, Germany

The New City West proposal in Esslingen on Neckar uncovers urban structures in order to promote the development of a post fossil-fuel city. Through the renewal of the historic structure in negotiation with future-oriented micro-climatic requirements and energy-use requirements, an urban texture is developed that is both porous and dense. The integral sustainability and energy conservation concepts (nature-oriented material / water management, vegetation planning, and solar orientation) interact and re-define the urban structure and form comprehensive regenerative cycles.


Urban Design and Landscape Competition: Honourable Mention
Client: City of Esslingen
Program: 615 Housing units, 61.000 m² Commercial Space, Park
Site Area: 13,3 ha
Gross Floor Area: 122.000 m²
Team: Sabine M√ľller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Nicola Gnes, Anna Kostreva, Paola Bagna, Urs Kumberger, Marie-Louise Raue, Aron Thors√©n
In Collaboration With: HL Landschaftsarchitekten

landscape, sustainability, projects, urbanism, competitions