Überhafen – Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg’s Upper Harbour and Harbour City were examined for potentials in their current embankment system, particularly in regard to their future adaptability. The idea, Überhafen, for the flood-controlled upper harbour is based on a “strategy of admitting” in order to to make the area safe, attractive, and more public, despite possible flooding in the winter. Conventional rentable billboards can be adapted as studio spaces, creating an opportunity to keep buildings affordable for intended users by dispensing of expensive flood protection. New Horizon, on the other hand, proposes a “flying embankment” above the existing buildings. This scheme points to a potential space and opens the discussion on how Hamburg will use this infrastructural potential in the future.


Client: IBA Hamburg, HafenCity GmbH
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Jessica Tankard
with Anna Viader

research, landscape, sustainability, projects, urbanism