Multi-purpose Hall – Iserlohn, Germany

The multi-purpose hall activates¬†the ridge¬†of Alexanderh√∂he,¬†and turns,¬†on one side,¬†toward the park¬†and, on the other¬†side,¬†toward the city.¬†The interaction¬†of two primary¬†building¬†elements, the plinth and¬†the roof, formulate¬†the¬†core¬†functions¬†of the building, lobby¬†and¬†hall,¬†as¬†the spatial¬†continuity¬†of the landscape.¬†The base is¬†developed¬†monolithically¬†from the¬†ground;¬†a metal¬†roof¬†rests¬†on¬†top.¬†The¬†materiality¬†of the plinth¬†expresses¬†the¬†sedimentation¬†of the terrain’s¬†geology¬†as¬†layered¬†ramped exposed concrete. The¬†materiality of the¬†roof¬†structure¬†makes reference to the¬†history of the¬†city and¬†picks up on¬†the art of metalworking¬†and¬†wire manufacturing¬†significant to¬†Iserlohn.


Competition (2011): 2nd Prize

Multi-purpose Hall , Alexanderhöhe
Iserlohn, Germany

Client: City of Iserlohn
Program: Ballroom, Conference Rooms, Shooting Club with Firing-Range, Catering, Offices
Gross Floor Area: 5.250 m2

Team: Andreas Quednau, Sabine M√ľller, Robert Gorny, Anna Kostreva, Jessica Tankard
In Collaboration With: HL Landschaftsarchitekten


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