Bonneau Market – Bonneau, Haiti

Bonneau, population of approximately 8,000, is located along the northwest coast of Haiti. A rural community, Bonneau is a small town with poor infrastructure, unstable housing structures, and little access to education and skills-based training. Residents must rely on small-scale subsistence agriculture, construction and domestic services for income generation. Only half of the children attend school, as tuition is too expensive. In addition, there is extensive deforestation, soil erosion and inadequate supplies of potable water in the region. Existing public spaces are run-down and inadequate for safe recreation and efficient economic use.

SMAQ, KDI and a 75-person community group of Tête Ensemble are working to upgrade the existing open-air market space. Community meetings and participatory design charettes have informed the development of the market for the introduction of physical infrastructure, income-generating opportunities and areas for youth recreation. Physical infrastructure improvements include the construction of permanent market stalls, a refrigeration and storage depot, a small business office, a recreation area for children of sellers, and a community garden. The buildings use straightforward building techniques: a concrete plinth with integrated and durable furniture, a lightweight but cross-braced bamboo structure that creates niches, and a large shady metal roof that allows the breeze to move freely through the site.


Plot Area: 1.100 m²
Floor Area: 370 m²

Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Urs Kumberger, Kirk Weisgerber, Anna Kostreva, Robert Gorny 

In collaboration with Konkuey Design Initiative (KDI) and Tête Ensemble

Status: in development.

architecture, projects, urbanism