Residential Development White City – Oranienburg, Germany

The city of Oranienburg intends to develop the still largely undeveloped area north and west of what is known as the “White City”. In order to strengthen the character and context of the overall district, the design draws upon the existing lines of the White City’s existing buildings and builds on the well-proportioned streetscapes of the 1930s. The more recent residential blocks are spatially integrated into the new structure. Through displacement and rotation of the existing pattern, a diverse city quarter is developed, marked by a higher density and more generous open spaces. This extends the White City across Walther-Bothe Street toward the city center in the East and the Oranienburg Channel in the West. A rhythm of narrower and wider spaces alternates across the Walther-Bothe Street, thus integrating it within the urban texture and mitigating existing noise concerns. The new district, with its focus on neighborly living, is thus an alternative to the existing housing options in Oranienburg.



Urban Design Competition: 2nd prize
Client: City of Oranienburg
Program:  ca. 500 Residential Units
Plot Area: 17 ha
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Winston Hampel, Maria Martins, Alexandra Berdan
in collaboration with Anna Viader (landscape)

projects, urbanism, competitions