Cloud-Cuckoo-Land 35 / Mixings in Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Quednau, Andreas (2016). “Designing, Building, and Inhabiting the City as Shaping the Ecosystem”


in: Feldhusen, Sebastian; Ute Poerschke; Jürgen Weidinger (eds.): “Mixings in Architectur und Landscape Architecture.” Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, International Journal of Architecture Theory,  Vol. 21, Issue 35, 2016, Berlin, Bielefeld, University Park, pp. 89-99



Quednau, Andreas (2016). “Mixings in Architectur und Landscape Architecture.” (abstract)



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X-Palme / Charter of Dubai – Dubai, V.A.E.
Stadtquartier Hellwinkel, Wolfsburg
Cumulus – Oslo, Norwegen

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