City Hall Extension – Rostock, Germany

The city hall ensemble of the Hanseatic city of Rostock is supplemented by two independent communicating buildings.

The House of Citizenship formulated as northern capstone a concise facade to the future square Platz Am Schilde. The dichotomy, verticality and materiality of the historic 2-Gable-Building are picked up. The brick appearance signals the overriding public importance of the building, in which the citizenry meets readable.

The building of the city administration blends in more with the surrounding eaves bordering streaks, delicacy and colorfulness in the area and mediates between the height levels of the Northern and Eastern Old Town.

The slight rotation of the courtyard introduces a dynamic to the rational administration building. The multifunctional entrance area with its generous waiting areas is connected by a communicative staircase to the other levels for the public and is naturally exposed by daylight via the courtyard. The circulation areas expand to communication zones with pointed views of the city and exits on roof terraces.


Competition City Hall Extension Rostock (2017)

Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau with Lorenzo Ciccu, Irene Frassoldati, Marina Rondini, Ksenia Chernobrovtseva

architecture, projects, competitions