Postal Service Site – Kiel, Germany

The formal site of the postal service in Kiel Gaarden (Germany) shall be developed as a mixed-use urban city quarter for multiple forms of living and target groups and as a link between Kiel’s inner city, the fjord Hörn and the city quarter Gaarden. During the redevelopment if the site the current topographical cut into the slope of the fjord shall be turned into a green forum with a green common that would improved the living environment of Gaarden and with the Pastor-Gosch-Weg as backbone of climate-neutral access. The open space plays the key role. It structures the quarter and gives it shape. On the one hand it networks the new city quarter with quarters of the surrounding, on the other site it integrated and joins the different elements to a new quarter with its own identity and quality.


SMAQ (architecture and urban design) with Anna Lundqvist (landscape architecture)

Team SMAQ: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Sebastian Pitoni, Marius Schumann, Alexandre Berianidze, Manon Coppens

projects, urbanism, competitions