concert hall – Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Situated in Sarajevo’s political and cultural centre Marjin Dvor, an area that can potentially integrate old and new Sarajevo, the concert hall is thought of as a place of gathering around the performance of music – a procedure deeply tied to urban culture and thus stimulating such integration. The proposed concert hall for Sarajevo and a new public passage are redefining the public space by prolonging the different parts of the city into the building, towards and around the stages. The twisting gesture produces multiple views from the foyer back into the city. Its envelope diagrams accessibility, spatial and acoustical requirements, and leaves gaps for light to penetrate in and out. It is a bending structure, which perceived in motion creates alternating moments of openness and enclosure. Thus – rather than confining – the concert hall entangles music and its event.


International Competition (1999): Honourable Mention
Competition Organizer: City of Rome Architectural Competition Office and the Assocíation of Architects Sarejevo
Client: Comune di Roma and Kanton Sarajevo
Area: 8.000 m²
Team: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau

architecture, projects, competitions