Ecocity Windtower – Hamburg, Germany

Air¬†and¬†air¬†movement are¬†taken¬†as¬†formative¬†themes¬†in¬†the facade¬†design for the¬†wind-tower¬†in the¬†Ecocity of Hamburg-Harburg.¬†The¬†facade¬†suggests¬†multiple associations,¬†not¬†only in¬†connection to the¬†site,¬†but¬†also¬†to the term¬†“wind” in the name¬†of the building:¬†from¬†the rippling¬†of the¬†waters‚Äô¬†surface¬†in the harbour¬†by the wind,¬†to¬†the rustled feathers¬†of a bird sailing through¬†the air. The¬†wind-tower¬†stretches¬†65 meters into the air¬†and¬†opens up¬†to the¬†west¬†in order to¬†take advantage of¬†the¬†force¬†of the wind.¬†The faceted fa√ßade elements reflect the height of a single story and therefore the human scale, while reinforcing the building‚Äôs geometry and strengthening it as a¬†unified whole.


International Facade Competition (2011): 3rd Prize
Client: Ecocity Hamburg-Harburg GmbH & Co. KG
Program: hotel and offices

Team: Sabine M√ľller, Andreas Quednau, Robert Gorny, Kirk Weisgerber, Anna Kostreva
In collaboration with: Happold Ingenieurb√ľro GmbH

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