Living at the River – Stuttgart, Germany

With the International Building Exhibition IBA’27 “The Neckar as a living space”, Stuttgart should grow towards the picturesque but also productive reality of the Neckar River. At the mouth of tree-lined canal for electricity generation an urban, creative district building block with mainly residential use is be created, as well as public places to stay by the water.

It is proposed to transform the existing office building and integrate it into an open courtyard ensemble with approx. 120 residential units, a kindergarten and commercial uses. Through the built figure well-networked urban and neighbourhood spaces of different dimensions with a wide range of uses are formulated. The courtyard is a distributor, “foyer” of the kindergarten and meeting place. The V-shaped garden courtyard is the green centre of the neighbourhood and invites to have a garden party on the canal. The staircase of the existing building facing the bridge over Neckar River is staged to form a welcoming sign. The street will be activated with a commercial “work zone”. The future-oriented combination of living and working comes into play in the open-use floor plan design of the apartment types:

Starter duplexes benefit from the possibility to address the public at the ground floor and have a private area on the 1st floor.
Hall-lofts interlock living and working through the multiple-use interface of “entrance halls”. The hall-lofts are also suitable for communal living, as each of the individual rooms is assigned an individual outdoor space.
Flats by the arcade are characterised by an open space connecting the private outdoor areas on both sides of the buildings. The focus of use can be gradually shifted between living at the balcony and working at the arcade. In addition, the arcade acts as a meeting place at building level and as a place for creative and neighbourly exchange on the floor, a quality that can enrich work in the home office.


Internationally invited competition
IBA’27  Stuttgart – Living at the River in Untertürkheim: 2nd prize

Commissioner: EnBW Energie Baden Württemberg AG, Bietigheimer Wohnbau GmbH

Team SMAQ: Sabine Müller, Andreas Quednau, Anton Leibham, Bennet Tielker, Valentin Lepley-Schuhmann, Sebastain Pitoni, Ferdinand Storjohann

Visualisations: Grauwald


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