Heinze ArchitectureAWARD 2022


German Architecture Award 2021

SMAQ receives the German Architecture Prize 2021 for the housing project “Living Together” implemented on behalf of Theo Gerlach housing company in Hanover (Germany). The state prize is awarded every two years for outstanding architectural achievements and is the most important award for architects in Germany.   State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the [more]


German Brick Award 2021


State Award for Architecture / Living – forward-looking, climate-friendly

Together with the client, Wohnungsbau-Unternehmen, SMAQ was awarded the State Prize for Architecture Lower Saxony 2020 for the project “New Living on Alte Döhrener Strasse, Hanover”. The jury, headed by the Augsburg architect Titus Bernhard, emphasized that the playful arrangement of the four point buildings had created an attractive residential area in Hanover’s southern part [more]


DAM Preis 2021 Nominiert | DAM AWARD 2021- nominated

DAM Award for Architecture 2021


City boids – Caracas, Venezuela

City Boids looks at various phenomena of informal urbanism throughoutCaracassuch as vendors in traffic jams, street vendors, squatter settlements and illegal extensions of newly built condominiums. It describes these actors and practices as ‘urban molecules’, i.e. small elements that arise from similar necessities, which infiltrate and colonize the gaps and failures, the voids in space [more]