Monthly Archives: August 2009

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Andreas Quednau, SMAQ’s co-founder and principal, has been appointed the new Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. The post was previously hold by Matthias Sauerbruch and prior to that by David Chipperfield. Andreas will commence his role at the Academy in September 2009.


Multigenerational Housing and Kindergarten – Königsbrunn, Germany

The Multigenerational Housing Project in Königsbrunn allows for the informal cohabitation of residents young and old, mobile and handicapped, single individuals and those part of a family unit.  The primary urban and architectural concept is based on providing facilities and shared surfaces necessary for community life. Organization of the housing units provide opportunities for a diverse population [more]


Prize / Multigenerational Houses

SMAQ received the forth prize for their proposal in a competition for multigenerational houses and a kindergarten located in Königsbrunn, southern Germany. The project develops a new typology of living apart and together at the same time across generations.