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Concept 04.2008

SCOOP – Arctic Culture Center


Concept No.60

Parameter SMAQ; Jo, Hyeon-jin

Schkreutz City Map – Halle/Leipzig, Germany

Schkreutz. City Map. 1st Edition focuses on the new urban development between Halle and Leipzig, nicknamed Schkreutz after the Schkeuditzer freeway interchange at its centre. The project places the periphery at the centre (effecting a comprehensive realignment of urban organization) and draws on the traditional linguistic terms and ciphers of city maps. The global context and one-dimensional [more]

SCOOP Arctic Culture Centre – Hammerfest, Norway

The Arctic Culture Centre is an extroverted, climatically active and user-interactive bow, dynamically poised between three poles:Hammerfesttown centre, the harbour and the beach. The form reacts to local forces, intelligently using what it can from the available resources and giving back to the environment. A reflective and shiny metal skin forms a loosely layered structure [more]